Billy Corgan Pitched Stephanie McMahon On RPW/WWE


Credit: The Washington Post

Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins spoke with Dan Gelstan about his goals with Resistance Pro Wrestling and trying to make it a national promotion. Here are some highlights from the story:

Regarding turning Resistance Pro into a national brand: “We want to be able to expand to where we’re a national brand and can run pretty much anywhere in the country. My name and my access to certain things get help get us there, but it doesn’t mean we’re ready for that. We’re better off being a little bit more conservative.”

Regarding his pitch to Stephanie McMahon on making Resistance Pro part of the WWE developmental system: “I think it would be to our credit to get people to the top level. I think it does a disservice to our talent to not prepare them for the next level.”

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