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NewsBizarre Pitched WCW Storyline Involving Mick Foley Having Amnesia Revealed

Bizarre Pitched WCW Storyline Involving Mick Foley Having Amnesia Revealed



During an appearance on this week’s episode of “Insider’s Edge,” former WCW producer Neal Pruitt revealed a bizarre storyline that Mick Foley pitched in WCW.

The storyline would have seen Foley in his Cactus Jack character suffer from amnesia, before it was revealed he believed he was Sting. Expanding on the storyline, Pruitt said the following:

“A story that people may not know is when we were doing something about getting this Cleveland shoot together, Cactus [Jack] had this idea to where he would get conked on the head again and then he would become a different personality altogether, So almost every week he’d be a different wrestler and progressively he would be able to change his character. His hair would get shorter and shorter until the payoff was eventually going to be where he would think he was Sting and he would have the spiked hair and everything, and he’d have lost weight by then.

“That was a whole series of things that we had thought about that could really put his character over. Well, my ex-wife was an excellent writer and he and she got involved with writing up a scenario of how this could all go down and what the storyline would be from start to finish. That’s something that I don’t think anybody’s ever really heard about or known about. It was a great idea. I thought it could have really worked not just because she was involved with it and he was one of my favorites, but it would have been a fun thing to watch because he could have done it. He was that versatile.”

Do you think Mick Foley’s amnesia storyline could have worked? Let us know in the comments below!

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