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Bobby Lashley Reveals Why He Wasn’t Satisfied With Brock Lesnar Match, More


During a recent appearance on the “Out of Character with Ryan Satin” podcast, WWE United States Champion Bobby Lashley commented on not being satisfied with his match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On why he wasn’t satisfied with his match with Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble: “It wasn’t the match I wanted because like, there’s a lot of things that were involved there, man. For me, with him, it’s a bigger story than just a couple of weeks and we’re into a pay-per-view, and it’s more than just that. I want to train for that match like I’m training for a fight. I need the six weeks, I need the eight weeks. There’s a lot of stuff that we could’ve done going into that match. People want to see us fight, people want to see us wrestle, they want to see it all. We could’ve given them all of that within a couple of months, but we didn’t. So, there still is a lot of unfinished business there.”

On the reason the build to the match should’ve been different: “I get asked all the time if I want to fight again, and it’s not so much because of the fight, it’s because of the training leading up to the fight. I love that. I love that mind mess you go through preparing for a fight. When you have a fight, first they send you the contract and you sign your name. ‘Alright, this is real, I’m fighting this guy.’ Then, throughout the time, you’re going through and checking up on him and you go through all that. You have the weigh-ins, and you’re like, ‘Okay, finally get to see this guy.’ There’s all this build-up that you have in your head that you go through training for a fight. Me and Brock didn’t have that.

“There should be that Rocky story where I’m running up a mountain and he has a big log on his shoulder doing lunges. We need all of that. We need that whole Rocky story involved in that matchup because that matchup is different. Throughout that time, there might be a fight that breaks out leading up to it that may hinder that fight from happening. Then, you have the fight and the match and there’s such build-up. Everybody is like, ‘Man, here it is,’ and there’s that feeling. We didn’t get all of that. We got the feeling of, ‘Yes, we get to see these guys in the ring and see what they look like against each other.’ But there’s a lot of things that we didn’t get out of that match.”

On if he thinks another match with Lesnar will happen: “Yes.”

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