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Triple H – ‘Brock Lesnar Is Not Gone From WWE’



During the post-WWE WrestleMania 40 (Night One) media scrum, Triple H commented on Brock Lesnar’s status with WWE, what impressed him the most about The Rock returning to the ring, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the media scrum below:

On Brock Lesnar’s WWE status: “At one point, there was a conversation with Brock about Royal Rumble, quite a long time ago. Right now, Brock is at home being Brock. We’ll see where that leads to from here. His status is the same as it has been before. Brock is not gone from WWE. He’s just home being Brock.”

On what impressed him the most about The Rock’s return to WWE: “It wouldn’t be the physical part. He loves this and he’s going to throw caution to the wind and it’s going to be amazing and he’s going to go all out. When you’ve done this a long time, and you’re around it every day like that, you see composure in people that I can spot it in people now, it’s my job to spot it in people now to some degree now. I can spot it and tell you, who is comfortable, who is not, who is running through a bunch of stuff and doesn’t feel it, who is just doing things. The most impressive thing to me was his composure and his being in the moment, and his feel. I could see him feeling everything that was happening, I could see it resonating in him and I could see his composure. When you haven’t done this for awhile and adrenaline hits you and you’re in front of all those people, and you’re zoned in, it moves fast, and you move fast with it, and you think you’re not but you are, and it’s the thing that you see stars have been doing this a long time that have really gotten to that next level. There is a calm. He was calm. To be gone that long and to be that calm and that composed and in control and feel and let it happen and feel it and digest it and let it come out of you, not many people can do that.”

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