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Arn Anderson Praises Triple H, Explains Why WWE Never Had A TV Title



On a recent edition of his “The ARN Show” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Arn Anderson discussed the legendary Evolution faction in WWE and the significance of a TV Title.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the Evolution faction: “I mean, the groom, Randy [Orton], was a natural. Ric [Flair] had all that experience and exposure. Hunter was the — you know, he was the veteran that was current, up to speed on everything, and knew exactly what to do. And then Batista, you know, people loved him. The guy looked like a trillion bucks.”

On Triple H: “He’s got a great mind. And I mean, you think about the volume of ideas that he needs to come up with or help along, or champion or, you know, that just — the company itself. To be at the forefront of that and guiding everybody else into running that company. It’s just — it ain’t easy, I’m sure.”

On why WWE never had a TV title: “That’s a great question. I would say that’s just gonna be one of those that I’m not sure about…. You know what, I’ve never been a fan of adding a lot of championships just to add them. So having more is not better. You know, the Intercontinental title with WWE was a huge championship because the talent that has held it have made it that way. They made it a big deal.

“Obviously, you know, we had the US Title with Crockett. And for a period of time, that was the guy next in line to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Title. So if you have just maybe three championships that really matter and on the — you know, our TV was structured a whole lot different. If you go back and look in ’85 and look at Vince’s TVs and you look at Crockett’s TV, it was more competitive. You got a lot of top guys against top guys. With Vince, it was a platform to just, whoever was getting enhanced in that segment? That’s who got enhanced.”

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