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NewsBooker T Reacts To Grayson Waller's Controversial Incident With TV Host

Booker T Reacts To Grayson Waller’s Controversial Incident With TV Host



On a recent edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T discussed the incident between Grayson Waller and an Australian TV anchor last week when one of the hosts asked LA Knight to demonstrate his signature move.

Knight declined the request and instead offered the opportunity to Waller who made it clear that he wouldn’t fake a punch.

Instead, Waller warned that the police might need to be called to the studio because he was about to deliver a real punch.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the Grayson Waller incident: “Hey, that’s what you get. I mean, he handled that properly, I mean, he wasn’t gonna give a guy fake punch. He was gonna whack the guy who’s gonna give him, he was gonna hit him in the jaw. And that’s what he would have deserved if [he] want[s] to see how wrestlers do it. Because I’ve hit guys with [a] so-called fake punch, like Steve Austin. [laughs] And it’s the hardest punch he’s gotten hit with. So that’s the way this guy would have gotten if I would have been hitting him. As well as you just — people want to look at wrestling like it’s lowbrow. Like it’s not something worthy of being on television, or being called a sport or whatever, however they want to look at it. You might not want to have certain people on the show because — just like the guy, when he had Mike Tyson on the show. And Mike Tyson just gave him the riot act.

“I mean, I remember Stuttering John caught me in the middle of New York City. And I wanted to kill him, just because I’m like, ‘Bro, this is not the time to be playing around me because, you know, stop playing, stop playing.’ I don’t know if you remember the time when ‘Taker and Vader on that show in Saudi [Arabia], yeah. And yeah, Vader snatched the guy up. And it really gave him the same right, as well as David Schultz. I remember Hogan being on a Richard Belzer’s show and choked him out. Drop him and his head hit the floor, bang! And I think Belzer got $20,000 out of that from a lawsuit or something like that, which might have been more, from that mistake. But stuff like that happens man, and they need to — you might want to check yourself if you’re bringing some wrestlers on your program, because it could go wrong if you disrespect wrestling and disrespect a wrestler right in his face. That’s the hard part, disrespecting the wrestler right in his face.”

On how Waller reacted: “You can tell immediately that Grayson Waller wasn’t feeling it. You can see it in seen his face from the beginning, like ‘Where is this going?’ You know, I like Grayson Waller. You remember when I said that this guy is mature enough to go to the main roster and make it? And I really, truly believe that. Just in that situation right there, he definitely made the boys look good. So I give him big props… Just from that situation right there, I don’t think he did anything wrong at all.”

On Waller giving the person a warning, unlike David Schultz’s incident: “Hey man, that’s giving you fair warning. ‘If you still want to do this,’ you know that’s not like David Schultz? ‘Giving you fair warning, bro. If you’re gonna let me punch you, I‘m gonna punch you.’ Okay, fine. But if the guy’s stupid enough to come from back there doing this stuff, you know, I would have hit him so hard, he’d have had a broken jaw when he left that freaking stage? Seriously.”

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