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Brandi Rhodes Releases Statement on AEW Having an All-Inclusive Roster


All Elite Wrestling is breaking new ground with its LGBT talent signings such as Nyla Rose and Sonny Kiss. Yesterday, Chief Branding Officer of All Elite Wrestling Brandi Rhodes released a statement on AEW’s inclusive roster:

Sonny Kiss, who is very open with his sexuality, added the following to the discussion:

This fight isn’t for heterosexuals to glorify us—it’s simply to have the same rights that you do. There is no “agenda.” You are more than allowed to have your beliefs. Our GOAL as LGBTQ+ people is to co-exist with you, comfortably.

Don’t take away someone else’s rights when you don’t want it done to YOU! Period!

Christopher Daniels also chimed in saying the following:

What do you think about AEW’s inclusive roster?

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