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AEW Dynasty 2024 Results, Live Watch Party & More



Welcome to the live results watch page for AEW DYNASTY 2024 pay-per-view!

The event is scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. ET with the Zero Hour pre-show, followed by the main show starting at 8 p.m.

Follow along here throughout the show for the results of each match as well as my personal thoughts on everything throughout the night down after the separation bar.

Keep refreshing for new updates, check out the quick results at the top of the page for the winners and chat it up with everyone in the comments as the show goes on!

Quick Hits Results:

  • Zero Hour — Trent Beretta defeated Matt Sydal by submission.
  • Zero Hour — Orange Cassidy and Katsuyori Shibata defeated Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor and Lee Moriarty) (with Anthony Ogogo) by pinfall.
  • Winners Take All Match for the AEW Trios Championship and ROH Six-Man Tag Team Championship: Bullet Club Gold (c) defeated The Acclaimed (c) by pinfall.
  • Singles Match for the AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada (c) defeated by pinfall
  • Trios Match: House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews) defeated Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe by pinfall
  • House Rules Match for the TBS Championship: Willow Nightingale defeated Julia Hart (c) by pinfall to win the title!
  • Singles Match for the AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong (c) defeated Kyle O’Reilly by pinfall
  • FTW Rules Match for the FTW Championship: Chris Jericho defeated Hook (c) by pinfall to win the title!
  • Singles Match for the AEW Women’s World Championship: “Timeless” Toni Storm (c) defeated Thunder Rosa by pinfall.
  • Will Ospreay defeated Bryan Danielson by pinfall.
  • Tournament Final Ladder Match for the Vacated AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks defeated FTR to win the titles with some help from Jack Perry.
  • Singles Match for the AEW World Championship: Swerve Strickland defeated Samoa Joe (c) by pinfall to win the title!

Author’s POV, Running Commentary & Thoughts:

Zero Hour

  • Trent wins his match by choking out Sydal and keeps holding on, even after the bell. #Heel. He gives Chuck Taylor an opportunity to pick a side on the next episode.
  • I’m about as in and out of this tag team match as I can be. Just not invested, and there’s going to be hours and hours of wrestling ahead, so I’m pacing myself. There’s only so many times I can listen to Taz asking Anthony Ogogo if he punches harder and being stuck on loop.
  • Billy Gunn takes the pin in the trios title unification match. I don’t know where they’re going with all this, but I’m 100% down to properly unify these titles. AEW/ROH doesn’t need to have 2 sets of six-man tag titles, in my mind. Bullet Club Gold was the right choice to win, too, I think.

AEW Continental Championship: Kazuchika Okada (c) vs. Pac

  • Starting off with a bang? Good idea.
  • Oh man. I’m going to have everyone hate me by saying this, but I have to be honest…this match is boring me. It’s doing nothing for me. Different strokes for different folks and all, but I am just not seeing how this warrants a “this is awesome” chant.
  • I did chuckle at Okada giving the audience a middle finger, though.
  • Black Arrow is always impressive whether Pac hits it or not.
  • Now things are picking up.
  • Unfortunately for me, the rest of the match wasn’t as long as what preceded, so when this was getting rolling for me, it was soon over.
  • Underwhelmed. I’m glad others enjoyed it more than I did, though. Not going to yuck on your yum. It just fell considerably short of my personal expectations.

Trios Match: House of Black (Malakai Black, Brody King & Buddy Matthews) vs. Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe

  • I really hope it isn’t every match on this card that does the “I stand there and let you hit me and we trade off blows” spot. It’s so overdone and now, both matches on the main card have done it.
  • Nice front flip spot from a chair on the apron by Briscoe.
  • Someone needs to put a slide whistle on the footage of Eddie Kingston falling backward.
  • Black gets the pin on Copeland after spitting mist in his face and nailing him with the Black Mass. That should set him up for a title shot. Double or Nothing? Or will they do that beforehand?

House Rules Match for the TBS Championship: Julia Hart (c) vs. Willow Nightingale

  • Mercedes Mone is watching backstage. I really hope I don’t have to hear that CEO theme tonight.
  • This match wasn’t all that long. Perhaps Julia Hart is injured enough that they wanted to keep it short. But it arguably still could have been shorter if you look at how much of a size advantage Willow has over Julia.
  • Willow and Kris Statlander embraced in the ring, only to be interrupted by Mone and her awful theme song. Gotta get that face-to-face staredown between Mercedes and Willow in reference to Double or Nothing. More on that another time, but I feel like it’s a no-win scenario, as Willow shouldn’t drop the belt this fast and Mercedes shouldn’t lose her first big match.

AEW International Championship: Roderick Strong (c) vs. Kyle O’Reilly

  • Not too much to say about this match, but I’ve been enjoying it nevertheless.
  • Kind of awkward when Wardlow stepped in to momentarily distract the referee. I don’t know what they were going for there, but it just came across odd to me.
  • Strong gets the win by pin. The Undisputed Kingdom celebrated by showing off that Adam Cole is out of the wheelchair, which is good.

FTW Championship: Hook (c) vs. Chris Jericho

  • I smell a title change in the air.
  • Solid No DQ match, but nothing crazy going on.
  • Hook kicking out of 2 Judas Effects definitely boosts him.
  • “Don’t make me do this”, but Hook flips him off, so Jericho nails him with the baseball bat and wins the title.
  • I dig.

AEW Women’s World Championship: “Timeless” Toni Storm (c) vs. Thunder Rosa

  • Competitive match. I wish I were more invested, as I was checked out of this feud back before Rosa even got injured. They haven’t won me over enough to enrapture me, but it’s a fine match.
  • Deonna Purrazzo is out to even the odds at ringside, taking out Luther and fighting with Mariah May to the back.
  • Rosa kicks out of the Storm Zero. I thought that was it.
  • Eventually, 2 minutes or so later, another Storm Zero gets the win for the champ.

Bryan Danielson vs. Will Ospreay

  • We’re off to a good start here. These two have great timing together.
  • Nigel McGuinness always ragging on Bryan Danielson is great; saying there’s a reason he got all these awards over the years was because he was paying for them.
  • “Fight forever” chants. This is definitely the best of the night so far.
  • I like how the fans are chanting “yes no” instead of “yes” versus “no” every time Danielson strikes Ospreay. It just goes to show how this is a match not between a babyface and a heel, or a fan favorite and a villain, but just 2 guys that the fans want to see wrestle and there’s no real preference (although I’d assume most people want Ospreay to win)
  • Danielson’s one of the best talents when it comes to a lot of things, and one of those is how he hulks up and gets a second wind. It’s always exciting when he gets that spurt of energy.
  • Tiger Driver leads to referee Bryce Remsburg calling for medical attention, but before they get into the ring, Ospreay hits a Hidden Blade and gets a pinfall. Immediately after, trainers are checking Danielson, who is moving his legs, but cursing in pain.
  • Ospreay looks concerned, as he didn’t hit the Hidden Blade out of malice, but just to hit his next maneuver. He’s checking on Danielson as well, upset at how this match finished. Interesting angle.

Tournament Final Ladder Match for the Vacated AEW World Tag Team Championship: The Young Bucks vs. FTR

  • Credit to The Young Bucks, they really know how to make themselves look like jackasses with their facial hair and ring gear. Every time I think they’ve peaked, they change it up somehow worse. It’s a good touch.
  • Dax is already bloody pretty fast, relatively speaking.
  • This has been good so far, but I feel like they’re going to hit a new level soon that will make it even better. For context, at this moment, there are 2 ladders in the ring and a chair, a few ladders on the outside, and there was just a double-team bulldog.
  • Matt Jackson fell through a table to the outside in a way that it just damn near disintegrated with his mere touch. That seemed SO ready to break. The worst part of his fall was how easily that broke, as it gave him no structure and he just ended up hitting the back of his head on the security barricade. Ouch.
  • Nice spot where Harwood gave Nick Jackson a vertical suplex off a ladder and Cash Wheeler followed it right up with a splash off another ladder.
  • Some more nice spots with a 450 to take out Wheeler and a piledriver to take out Jackson.
  • Wheeler just launched himself in a suicide dive, straight into a table on the outside.
  • “Please be careful” the fans chant. Ha!
  • As Harwood is climbing the ladder, he gets pushed off by “a fan” in a mask, who is revealed to be Jack Perry. That gives Nick a chance to climb and grab the belts for the win.
  • Of course this was fun. Ladder matches and with these two tag teams? Winning formula.

AEW World Championship: Samoa Joe (c) vs. Swerve Strickland

  • Big fan of Swerve Strickland’s Black Panther Golden Jaguar Habit inspired outfit. That’s going on my list of best ring gear of the year, for sure.
  • This crowd is ready for Swerve to win the title. I still think there’s a chance Adam Page shows up, interferes, and screws him over. But now that we got Jack Perry in the previous match, I don’t think it’s as likely Hangman shows up.
  • Heeeeey look at that, Swerve wins the title and makes history. Joe quickly leaves and goes to the back to give him the ring for his moment. That’s great on his part, too.

Tell us your thoughts on AEW Dynasty 2024 in the comments section, and tune in to my live post-show podcast immediately following the event by clicking on the YouTube video below!

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