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NewsWWESheamus Compares GUNTHER To Adolf Hitler, Deletes Tweet

Sheamus Compares GUNTHER To Adolf Hitler, Deletes Tweet



Sheamus will be facing off against former WWE Intercontinental Champion GUNTHER on Monday’s episode of WWE RAW. This will be a King of the Ring tournament match.

The Celtic Warrior took to Twitter on Sunday to hype the match, going as far as to compare GUNTHER to German dictator Adolf Hitler. He wrote,

“I made you. I will break you. Your weak empire is falling apart.. @VinciWWE call me.”

He later added, “Hmmm.. an Austrian with a funny haircut, has a thing for military style coats, proclaims superiority over others, hangs out with Germans and betrays his Italian ally.. 🤨”

This led to GUNTHER responding with a simple, “What the f**k?”

It’s worth noting that Sheamus has since deleted his controversial tweet. You can see the original tweet below:

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