Brandi Rhodes Reveals The One Match That Would Bring Her Out Of Retirement


Brandi Rhodes would come out of retirement for one match and one match only.

On a recent edition of the “Ring the Belle” podcast, the former AEW and WWE star revealed that she’d be open to doing a mixed tag team match involving herself and Cody Rhodes facing off against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. She said,


“Stephanie and Triple H. I would come out of retirement for that in a heartbeat. I would do that 72 years old. Y’all would have to sit through that and just let it happen.”

She continued, “I know it wouldn’t be great, but just let it happen if it does because I mean, the chances of it happening are very, very slim. If that was on the table, you’d have grandma in the gym. I’d be doing everything I possibly could, like I’d be getting into full lotus and my yoga studio just to stretch Stephanie a little bit.”

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