Brandi Rhodes Says She Doesn’t Book AEW Women’s Division


Brandi Rhodes denied being the person who books the AEW women’s division while doing an interview with Sports Illustrated

Here is what she had to say: 

On AEW Heels: “The idea came from me watching people interact on social media. I saw women getting bashed for having an opinion just because they were a woman having an opinion. That inspired me to create a place where female fans can voice their opinions. Don’t let someone take your opinion away from you. Don’t let that ever shut you down, talk about what you love. This platform is a place where women can be themselves as wrestling fans, create friendships, and learn. We can create a movement.”

On critics not mentioning her degrees when criticizing her position as CBO: “I’m reminded of that every time I’m told I only have my position because I slept my way into it. In wrestling, the man is Adam and the woman is Eve. Adam belongs and Eve does not. That’s a perception that needs to change.”

On the women’s tag team cup tournament: “I see people saying they want more for the women in AEW, and that’s where my idea for the Tag Team Cup Tournament came from. I don’t book the women’s division, but I help out wherever I can, and I’m really excited for this tournament.”

On getting people excited for the tournament: “I hope people take their cues from the women involved, because we’re really excited about this. This exists on its own, with no restraints. I think people are going to be charmed by it, both by the production and the talent. Very quickly, it’s become a labor of love, with graphics, travel, filming pre-tapes, every detail. People are working really hard to create new content. And it’s not tacked onto Dark or Dynamite, this is the start of something great for the women’s division.”

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