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NewsBraun Strowman Calls Chad Gable A Future World Champion, Dijak On Trick...

Braun Strowman Calls Chad Gable A Future World Champion, Dijak On Trick Williams/Carmelo Hayes



In a recent interview with SportsKeeda, Braun Strowman lavished praise on Chad Gable, noting that The Alpha Academy star has “all the tools” to be a future world champion.

Strowman said, “Honestly, someone that I see world championship caliber in is Chad Gable. If we’re gonna say underrated and stuff like that, that would be, if I have to nail it down, it would be Chad Gable. He has all the tools, he can talk, he’s got the look. He can go like nobody else. When it really boils down to it, he’s an unbelievable human being, so I would love to see him get a shot at the big gold because he deserves it.”

During Tuesday’s episode of WWE NXT, a mysterious NXT Anonymous video showed Trick Williams speaking to Carmelo Hayes on October 17, the same night that Williams was mysteriously attacked.

Dijak later took to Twitter to address the video, writing,

“Bro told Trick to take me out, but then realized that shit wasn’t happening so he took Trick’s ass out instead lmaooo”

Dijak will compete in the Iron Survivor Challenge against Trick Williams, Josh Briggs, Bron Breakker, and Tyler Bate at NXT Deadline 2023. The event takes place on Saturday, December 9 at the Total Mortgage Arena in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

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