Brian Cage Admits He Feels Underappreciated By AEW Fans, Reveals The Reason Why


Brian Cage admits to the fact that AEW fans underappreciate him because he’s got a “WWE feel” to him.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Busted Open Radio” podcast, the AEW wrestler responded to the hosts saying he’s having a hard time getting over with the AEW fanbase. He said,


“In certain regards, yes. With our core audience at AEW, I feel they almost hate on me because of all those attributes [size, charisma, mic work, athleticism], I almost feel like that screams WWE. In some regards, it’s almost like anti-me, ‘He doesn’t belong here. He’s too jacked, he does this,’ which are all positives in my book, but it feels like ‘I’m on the wrong team.’”

He continued, “I can toot my own horn and say, they can’t be me, so they’d rather attach on to a Darby Allin or someone they can live more viciously through as opposed to someone like me.”

Also on this week’s episode of “Busted Open Radio,” AEW talent Mark Henry gave his thoughts on Darren “Droz” Drozdov, who sadly passed away last week at the age of 54.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his memories of Drozdov: “I try my best to keep it positive, think about the positives and the funny things that happen. It was always hilarious to us [how Droz would throw up]; I have a weak stomach, too. When somebody starts talking about something gross, [I know I have] to just tune it out, and just walk away. Darren, man, that dude just could not tune it out. He could just throw up at the drop of a hat. I mean [the nickname] ‘Puke’ was the real deal. He did it in sports, he did it in wrestling, he did it in locker rooms, he did it at the bars, he did it at the gym. Anything that was repugnant would make Darren throw up, and he would amuse the hell out of us.”

On Drozdov’s passing: “He was 54, so he lived 20-plus years over the expectancy that they gave to him.”

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