Brian Pillman Jr. Implies That AEW’s Varsity Blonds Are Done


The Varsity Blonds may be done for good in AEW, according to recent comments made by Brian Pillman Jr.

The group previously consisted of Pillman, Griff Garrison, and Julia Hart, the latter of whom has since joined the House of Black.


While appearing on “Café De René with René Duprée,” Pillman spoke about the group as if it was in his past.

“As soon as we lost [Julia Hart], we lost our edge and our spark that made us a good babyface group that could’ve gotten over.

“I don’t think that the Varsity Blondes was the fullest creative extension of myself… but I think people will look back on the Varsity Blondes quite fondly actually. Who knows what’s next for us?”

Pillman Jr. added that he believes splitting Hart from the group was the wrong call for AEW to make.

“Somebody came in and decided she would be better with [House of Black]. That’s just how it goes. I definitely wasn’t happy with it to be quite honest. It is what it is. It’s business.”

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