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Brody King Wants House Of Black In NJPW, Wants To Test Himself Against Minoru Suzuki



All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Brody King was recently interviewed by Inside The Ropes to talk about several professional wrestling topics, including the possibility of the House of Black faction working in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW).

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

His match with Minoru Suzuki at New Japan Pro Wrestling Capital Collision:

I feel like as far as the big bad guys in New Japan, he’s probably one of the biggest. So if I wanna be big, bad Brody King, I gotta go up against the biggest and baddest. I went through Ishii, unfortunately I did not catch the win there, but I feel I had a hard-fought match with him. And now it’s time to test myself against Minoru Suzuki.

The difference between NJPW and AEW:

They just, within reason, they let you kind of take an idea and see where you can go with it. I feel like New Japan is different in a way where it’s very much about the wrestling, it’s very much sport-based. Most storylines happen within the wrestling ring and it’s up to you to convey those stories and to have these matches to where people wanna see Brody King versus Minoru Suzuki.

Wanting to bring House Of Black to NJPW:

I would love for the House of Black to be in New Japan, whether it be in Japan or here for Strong, I think that that would be a really cool thing to happen. And I feel like there’s so many matchups that can happen that would really blow people away.

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