Bruce Prichard Says Stone Cold Steve Austin Was The Most Demanding Superstar In WWE History


Bruce Prichard (Brother Love)‘s podcast; “Something To Wrestle With” has been making noise as of late for his backstage news stories from the previous years of the WWE. Recently, Prichard called WWE legend, Stone Cold Steve Austin, the most demanding superstar of all-time, but, with good taste, because Austin was that good.

Here’s what Prichard Had To Say:

“Absolutely, you have to put him over when you’re talking about this because the son of a b***h drew more money, made more money for the company. So he was demanding in that you had him going out on every appearance, you had him doing every Make-A-Wish, you had him making every event, every television, every radio. So with that, he came back to you and he wanted the best of the best from everybody at all times. Steve went harder than anybody else at that time and he was run hard and put up wet and with all of that, he wanted the best out of everybody; he wanted the best creative, he wanted to be catered to, he didn’t want to have to worry about anything else. He wanted his s**t done. He was demanding but he wasn’t that hard to deal with. For me, he was straight forward, no bulls**t. You knew where you stood with him and that was it. Sometimes you didn’t like it, but you didn’t wonder where the hell you stood with him. So that’s demanding, but at the same time, I’d rather have that than trying to read the tea leaves with somebody wondering what they want.”

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