Buddy Murphy

Buddy Murphy Announces His Plans for His Immediate Future in WWE


WWE Cruiserweight Champion Buddy Murphy had some fun at the expense of recent 205 Live wrestlers TJP and Hideo Itami departing the company, as well as Cruiserweight stars like Mike Kanellis venting their frustrations with their position.

Buddy had teased a big announcement last night regarding his future in WWE. When it was time, the announcement did come that he would be taking some time away from WWE and 205 Live, but it probably wasn’t in the way that some people were thinking:

Since my arrival to 205 Live, I have loved every moment! Going from nothing to something was [an] incredible achievement for myself!
That being said I would like to officially announce that I will not be on 205 Live for the foreseeable future!
The champ is going on a well-deserved vacation back to my hometown of Melbourne, Australia for the next few weeks! Cause the champ does what he wants! When he
I’ll be watching closely to see who advances in the “Buddy Murphy
Classic” — Who wants to try and stop the unstoppable!?

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