Buff Bagwell Thanks DDP, Lex Luger, Marc Mero For Helping Him Attain Sobriety


Buff Bagwell recently appeared on the Oh… You Didn’t Know podcast to talk about his path to sobriety. The former WCW icon thanked Diamond Dallas Page, Marc Mero, and Lex Luger for helping him along the journey.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On the process of recovery: “The very hardest thing to do is to re-pick who your friends are. Because that’s what we do, we find people that we’re comfortable with and misery likes company.”

On his support system: “What happened to me is I was very lucky to have an incredible support team… When I look around it’s Diamond Dallas Page. It’s Lex Luger. It’s Marc Mero. It’s my niece. It’s my niece’s husband. It’s good, solid people that are around me man, and that’s what it takes.”

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