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NewsCharlotte Flair: "WWE's Four Horsewomen Have Undeniable Chemistry!"

Charlotte Flair: “WWE’s Four Horsewomen Have Undeniable Chemistry!”



During a recent interview with ESPN 5, Charlotte Flair commented on The Four Horsewomen in WWE, traveling across the globe and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her storyline involving the other WWE Four Horsewomen (Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, and Bayley): “When we’re all together, we make magic whether we’re getting along, whether we’re not getting along or whether I want her spot or she wants mine, you can’t deny that the four of us have undeniable chemistry, undeniable chemistry.”

On the WWE travel across the globe: “I don’t know anything different. I think it makes me feel alive and having the opportunity. And I think the people who work you know that nine to five job. Yes, it’s tiring and exhausting. And you’re away from your families but being able to travel the world and entertain millions is that’s what gives me the energy.”

On her important role overseas: “I think my most important role is being able to have the opportunity to do international press to go to different countries and outlets to talk about WWE and what it means and the passion in the women’s division. For me, it’s just always taking it to the next level. And it’s hard, but it’s so gratifying. And it’s what I want to do.”

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