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Chris Jericho Talks Involvement in Dark Side of the Ring’s Season Premiere


All Elite Wrestling (AEW) star Chris Jericho was recently interviewed by 411Mania to talk about his involvement in the Dark Side Of The Ring’s season premiere.

Here are the highlights:

If he had any initial reservations about the project:

No, I didn’t. Because basically, Chavo Guerrero contacted me and kind of got me involved in this. And then once we knew that Chavo was involved, it’s kind of spearheading the whole thing. That’s why I was involved. I knew that if Chavo was doing it that it would be done properly.

And his point was, ‘If we don’t do this ourselves, someone else is gonna do it … so we really came together. We got Dean [Malenko] involved, and Vicki [Guerrero] and everybody else. It came together really well, it was done for the right reasons by the right people. And I think it’s a tremendous look into what really happened from the people that were really closest to him and Eddie.

The episode’s approach to the Benoit story:

No, it hasn’t [been told in this way]. It’s never been told in this way because the people that were involved had never kind of come together all at the same time to chat about it, to be involved with everything. So I think that you know, when you get David [Benoit] and Sandra [Toffoloni, Nancy’s sister] and Jericho, and Chavo and Dean Malenko.

I mean, those are you people — and Vicki Guerrero — that were closest to Eddie and Chris. So you can’t even attempt to do something like this if you didn’t have those people involved. So that’s another the reason why I wanted to be involved. If those guys were going to have their say, I wanted to be a part of it as well.

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