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NewsCJ Perry Provides Update On Her MRSA Infection (Video), Lee Moriarty Talks...

CJ Perry Provides Update On Her MRSA Infection (Video), Lee Moriarty Talks Collision Loss



CJ Perry took to Twitter on Sunday to post a video to provide fans with the latest update on her finger infection.

The former Lana has been dealing with a MRSA infection that has required one surgery so far.

You can check out some highlights from her video below:

On the support she’s received: “I just wanna thank all you guys for thinking about me, praying about me, putting positive vibes — the texts, the DMs, the calls. I appreciate all you guys. Thank you for sending me so many positive wishes. I love all of you. Every article, every share, every positive vibe.”

On what happened with the infection: “I had a relapse with MRSA infection, because the antibiotics stopped working. I had to be rushed to the hospital. The surgeon, they basically dug scabs, and flesh, and puss, and skin, and everything out the last couple days, to the point that the doctors were like, ‘I need blood! I don’t see blood!’…

“So I knew that I needed to do what we needed to do. So she put an IV in my hand with a really long needle. She said it was going to feel like fire. And literally, fire. Felt [a] stinging sensation go up my arm. Lasted for about five minutes, then it went numb. But that’s good news, she said it was good news, so. And then she dug more, she started to see blood. And she said we’re heading in the right direction.”

On what’s next: “So for the next week, I’ve got to clean out the dressing, I have to clean out the scab. Well, I don’t clean out the scab, I have to put the dressing in. And then almost every day I’m going back to the surgeon for them to evaluate it. I’m taking the antibiotics, which has been — literally, I cannot start to tell you guys. Having antibiotics that work is like — I cannot be enough thankful to God, the universe, Jesus, doctors and science.

On Saturday night’s episode of AEW Collision, Lee Moriarty faced off against Adam Copeland in a losing effort.

Following the show, AEW posted a digital exclusive to reveal that he and Shane Taylor are done being patient. He said,

“Growing up in Pittsburgh, my parents raised me on a lot of morals. One thing I heard over, and over, and over again was, ‘Patience is a virtue.’ When I came to AEW, I learned that the more patient you are, the more complacent you become, and when you’re too complacent, you become forgotten.”

He continued, “You might not remember who I am, but I’ll remind you. I’m the guy that pushed Bryan Danielson. I’m the guy that pushed Katsuyori Shibata. I’m the guy that pushed Keith Lee, and tonight busted shoulder or not. I’m the guy that pushed Adam Copeland. Like Shane [Taylor] said, we are done being patient. We are done waiting for respect. We’re just gonna take it.”

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