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Clark Connors – ‘Jay White & Juice Robinson Couldn’t Cut It In NJPW’



In a recent interview with the Squared Circle Podcast, NJPW star Clark Connors threw shade at Jay White and Juice Robinson, claiming the two signed with AEW because they “couldn’t cut it” in Japan.

Connors recently joined Bullet Club War Dogs, while White and Robinson formed Bullet Club Gold in AEW.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On joining Bullet Club: “I never wanted to join a faction. If anything, I was going to make my own. Basically what had happened was when I saw David Finlay attack Jay White and kind of take over Bullet Club, something sparked in my head where I was like, ‘This is something that I could join and be part of.’ I didn’t care if it was Bullet Club or if it was its own thing, but I liked whatever Finlay was doing. He’s been in a similar situation that I’ve been in for a long time, where he’s been overlooked. People don’t think he’s a great wrestler, or what not, when he’s actually phenomenal. So I decided to jump on that bandwagon if you will. I just think it’s easier to join up with someone else who has like minded ideals. And then I knew that Gab and Alex and Dan Moloney, we’re all magnetic. People with like minded ideas all draw to each other. So what we are now isn’t your traditional Bullet Club. It’s new, it’s dangerous, it’s mean. So therefore, it really isn’t what Bullet Club used to be. It was never something I wanted to join beforehand, because they’re boring back in the day. They’re the biggest nerds have ever seen in my life and I’m so glad we’re changing that for the better.”

On Bullet Club Gold: “The fact that it’s called Bullet Club Gold means it’s not the original. It’s some knockoff of something. How they got the rights, how they’re using Bullet Club, I don’t know. I think it’s bullshit. I think it’s an offense to what Bullet Club is. People might say, ‘Well, they’ve been in Bullet Club longer than you.’ It’s like, no, they have not. I’m in the real Bullet Club. They are not. They’re just making up their own thing over there. Good for Jay White. That’s all I got to say. Good for Juice Robinson. They couldn’t cut it in New Japan Pro Wrestling, so they had to go over to AEW. That’s all I got to say about that. AEW consistently has worse wrestlers than New Japan Pro Wrestling. New Japan, as much as I don’t love the company as it is, we are the best pro wrestlers in the world, and Bullet Club is the top faction in that company. Therefore I am one of the best pro wrestlers in the world. Better than Jay White. Better than Juice Robinson. I’ve just never had the chance to prove it. Here it is, my chance is coming. I just saw that the they brought in those Ass kids. Good God. That’s good. Please, all four of them versus any four of the War Dogs. I mean, we’re going to destroy. We’ll mop the floor with them. Like I said, Jay’s a great leader and Juice is a veteran, but these two kids, these goofballs, good for them. I don’t know what the hell they’re doing, but it isn’t Bullet Club.”

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