CM Punk Appears On The ‘MMA Hour’ + Bo Dallas Tells A Pretty Funny Yokozuna Story


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

— CM Punk was on the MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani today. He made it pretty
clear he wasn’t going to talk about WWE. He talked about going to UFC 178, said
that he liked Conor McGregor but that he’d have rooted for Cole Miller, who is
his friend, had Miller not gotten injured.  He told Daniel Cormier that he is
spiritually in his corner.  Cormier, who is a big pro wrestling fan, freaked out
about talking to Punk. He also noted that he was at the San Diego Comic Con and
he was pissed that his DVR didn’t record the UFC show on Saturday so he’s
avoided all web sites and the Internet and twitter until the show replays
because he doesn’t want to know who won. 

— Speaking of MMA, UFC President Dana White turns 45 today.

— During an interview on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas, TX to promote a recent WWE
live event in the city, Bo Dallas discussed growing up around wrestlers and told
a story about Yokozuna forcing him and his father Mike “IRS” Rotunga to change
their dinner plans. Dallas said:

“We were up at my dad’s home state in New York. I went on a tour
with my dad and he was bringing back some of his friends/Superstars to his mom’s
house. There was a group coming in and my grandmother’s house is kind of old.
It’s in New York and it has that basement underneath so the top floor is kind of
hollow. As the Superstars are coming in and w’ere waiting in the kitchen,
Yokozuna was one of the ones that came in. He took the first step onto the
floor, into the kitchen, and you hear all the boards crack like it’s about to
fall through. We all looked at each other like oh no, ‘this can’t be good.’ He
took another step and it sounded as if he were to take one more, he would have
fallen through to the basement. Everybody had to leave and we went and ate
somewhere else because the ground couldn’t hold Yokozuna, at my grandmother’s

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