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NewsCM Punk Reveals Acting Advice Batista Gave Him, Speaks on His Relationship...

CM Punk Reveals Acting Advice Batista Gave Him, Speaks on His Relationship with Booker T



Former WWE Champion CM Punk was recently a guest on Collider Live. While on the show, he discussed His relationship with Batista and advice Batista gave him about transitioning into acting, his relationship with Booker T, and more:

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CM Punk on Acting Advice from Batista:

Just that, just keep an open mind. Don’t be like, ‘Oh, I don’t want to do a rom-com.’ With him, I think he had a tougher road to hoe because he’s just such a giant guy. I can kind of be more like a chameleon and disappear. I think mainstream [audiences], the populace, will always look at Batista and it’s hard to see past — sorry Dave — the goon. They see this big goon, you know what I mean? And that’s not him. He can do so much more. Like, if you saw Stuber, dude! So good. And he tells me, ‘you’ve got to make fun of yourself,’ and I’m like ‘Oh, that’s easy. I do that all the time.’ And just be loose and be fluid, and be accepting of everything. And just watching him, I learned so much just watching him. Not even talking to him.”

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CM Punk on Booker T saying Punk was competition for FS1 Role:

“As far as I know it’s alright [his relationship with Booker]. I watch that and I see the carny side of wrestling, trying to work it and, you know. Everybody’s always, ‘I’m working, brother. Let’s have another match, one more match, brother.’
“I love [Booker]. Booker was one of the first guys, I think when I was in ECW and he was King Booker, I think he came over to try to boost ratings on Sci-Fi. And I wound up rolling him up and pinning him. And he was cool about it.”

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