CM Punk Takes A Shot At AJ Styles’ Silence During Racial Equality Protests


Earlier today, CM Punk took to Twitter discussing the protests for racial equality and stated the things that people are saying amid the protests is a matter of people “snitching on themselves.”

Also, Punk took a shot at AJ Styles for staying silent during the protests in response to a fans post. You can check out the interaction below:

Earlier this week on WWE Backstage, CM Punk had this to say, “We live in a time where hatred is stoked at the highest level. I don’t like things I see. I do what I can to stop it and I think I’m hopefully using my voice for good, but fascism and racism cannot win, and if you’re struggling to try to come up with a way that you can help, the easiest way to help is combat that intolerance with intolerance. There’s no room for it…If you’re white, use your voice, protect your black brothers and sisters and protect the people who this country was not built for. They might say it was, but everybody has a different experience. And just listen more.”

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