Column: 5 TNA Wrestlers That Should Jump Ship for WWE


The wrestling world has been swirling about the impending destruction of AJ Styles and Mr. Anderson in TNA. Their contract situation is not on the happy side and that could mean a quick exit from the 11-year wrestling promotion.

We even saw last week that Devon left the company. Since he and Bully are good friends and own a gym, that will cause turmoil backstage. Remember, Devon worked with Impact wrestling for eight years. A veteran like that will definitely be missed.

So, with one man on the mend and two possibly on the way, the WWE could be looking at a couple of free agent acquisitions. This quick column will go down through a list of five men that should jump ship to Vince McMahon’s camp.

5. Devon – The reason I say this is due to his quote a few months ago that he could see himself back in WWE. Yes, that was very true. He would be used for his knowledge, rather than tag-team wrestling ability. Can you really see him tagging with someone else in WWE, if he were to go back?

It is very unlikely at this point. Many tag-teams would benefit from his return and not to mention another name would add opinions to the Creative team.

4. Jeff Hardy – This name will give me flack, but hear me out. His popularity in TNA is very large and Impact was just told to go search for younger talent to begin the next wave of superstars. Hardy has been there for years, which included alcohol problems and controversial backstage instances.

A return to WWE would add another name to the main event. He can still wrestle as well as talk on the mic. Business-wise, McMahon would be smart to take in Hardy at this time.

3b. Sting – Just kidding.

3. Kurt Angle – Not kidding. Currently, Angle is in a rehab facility to fix his yearning for alcohol and drunk driving. It is truly a sad story and I hope that he will get better upon his return to wrestling. WWE fans have wanted Angle back since the day he left.

It isn’t a secret that he is a lock for the WWE Hall of Fame, which makes a better case for a quick return and a WrestleMania match. That begs the question: who would you have Angle face at Mania if he does return one day?

2. Mr. Anderson – His contract status is not in good spirits at this time. He is in the same boat as Styles, who is threatening to leave the company. If you don’t believe me, check out Styles’ Facebook page. Anderson proved his worth with TNA. A multiple-time World champ, genius on the microphone and can wrestle to boot.

WWE screwed up by releasing him. They should know that. I would give him a second chance to shine on the world’s biggest stage.

1. AJ Styles – For the record, the phenomenal one would be a WWE superstar, not the “No one.” Here is the latest article on the continuing contract negotiations:

The high-flier would immensely help the genesis of their new Cruiserweight division that has tried to get off the ground for years. Another alternative would be to add him to the main event scene and let WWE take Styles to a whole new level of popularity.

Styles is a professional with over 15 years experience. If the money is right, you will see AJ Styles in World Wrestling Entertainment.

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