Matt Riddle
Matt Riddle

Conflicting Reactions in WWE Over Matt Riddle’s Potential


As noted last week, Matt Riddle has heat with Vince McMahon over his usage of social media.

McMahon has issues with Riddle’s social media posts and challenges issued with the social platforms. Also, McMahon sees Riddle as an “outside guy” and feels like Riddle has no respect for the hierarchy of the business by making such challenges.

Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that there are currently conflicting viewpoints in WWE over Riddle and his potential to be a star.

Some believe Riddle has “magic” while others don’t see his appeal. It was noted that the biggest issue that some have is his “lack of understanding of politics” due to him trying to start programs with Goldberg and Lesnar. 

Also, Riddle was compared to Randy Orton when he first became a star. People see him like Orton where they don’t want someone like that now disrupting the ‘harmony’ of the locker room. 

It seems there is someone who wants the angle and is “playing both sides.”

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