Court Bauer On MLW’s Deal With FITE, WOW Files For Multiple New Trademarks


In a recent interview with Fightful, MLW CEO Court Bauer discussed his promotion’s new deal with FITE and how it all came together.

MLW announced a deal with FITE for pay-per-view events earlier in May. Bauer said,


“Mike Weber and our side have had conversations for like five or six years about doing something big. The stars didn’t align for it. Finally, we have the right conversation at the right time this spring, and it just locked. It made sense for both sides to do it, so we did it. We’ve been very close over the years with doing something with FITE. I first worked with Mike when we were both at Ring of Honor in 2013 or 2014, so we’ve known each other for a long time.”

The parent company for WOW – Women of Wrestling, WOW Holdings LLC, filed several trademarks for the WOW name on June 29. They include:

-Toys, namely, battery operated toys, electrical action toys, mechanical toys, push toys, pull toys, plush toys, plush toy animals, play figures, flying disks, yo-yos, bath toys, beach toys, toy banks, toy slot machines, toy roulette machines, hand held units for playing electronic games, gaming chips, dice, chess sets, board games, action skill games, card games, playing cards, toy music boxes, golf balls, golf tees, golf bags, golf club covers.

– Wearing apparel, namely, shirts, t shirts, polo shirts, golf shirts, tank tops, halter tops, vests, blouses, sweaters, parkas, turtlenecks, pullovers, skirts, shorts, jeans, slacks, pants, dresses, nightshirts and night gowns, pajamas, robes, rompers, socks, coveralls, mittens, gloves, undergarments, bustiers, camisoles, jerseys, leggings, yoga pants, leotards, tights, hosiery, booties, slippers, scarves, shawls, belts, neckties, suspenders, headbands, hats, caps, visors, blazers, rain ponchos, jackets, wind resistant jackets, coats, warm up suits, jogging suits, sweatshirts, shirts with hoods, jackets with hoods, sweat pants, beach wear, namely, bathing suits, beach sandals, beach coveralls, footwear, namely, socks, shoes, boots, sandals, sneakers and athletic shoes

-paper goods and printed matter, namely, posters, calendars, game programs, paper pennants, playing cards, player and team trading cards, post cards, stationery, bumper stickers, and decals

-Entertainment in the nature of live professional wrestling matches and exhibitions, sports and athletic competitions, and awards programs all in the field of wrestling; Ongoing television programs in the field of sports and athletic training and competitions, awards programs, professional wrestling all in the field of wrestling; organizing and conducting professional wrestling matches and exhibitions; production and syndication of television programs featuring sports and athletic competitions, awards programs, professional wrestling matches, exhibitions and performances, all in the field of wrestling.

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