Crowd Gets Rowdy At Linda McMahon Debate Last Night


Linda McMahon’s third US Senate debate against Chris Murphy last night had a lot of attention from the local and national media for a “circus atmosphere”. The crowd did not obey the rule of keeping silent during the one hour debate as there was catcalling, taunting and then cheers and applause through the night.

The people who interrupted were mostly associated with McMahon’s Republican campaign and ended up hurting her because her closing remarks were cut off by the TV channel broadcasting the debate when it ran longer than an hour.

The debate focused on the political issues between the two candidates. There was a brief mention of WWE when Murphy criticized their treatment of pro wrestlers, calling them “employees” instead of “independent contractors”. It was in response to McMahon saying she helped create hundreds of jobs while a part of WWE’s senior management. Murphy replied that “they were jobs that came without health care benefits, they were jobs that ended up with dozens of employees dying because of the abuse they took in the ring.”

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