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Daniel Bryan Comments On Henry Cejudo Wanting To Date Nikki Bella, Not Happy With People Who Eat Meat


On Friday, WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan did an in-character interview with ABC 15 and commented on UFC Champion Henry Cejudo wanting to date Nikki Bella. You can check out some highlights below:

On his issue with the Chase Field’s Royal Rumble burger: “I took a stance against the Royal Rumble Burger online yesterday and they were expecting to sell 50 of them and now they’re expecting to sell 350 of them. When I was told that today, I thought, ‘Maybe I’m the stupid one,’ but you know what? Somebody has to bring these things up. Somebody, like I said, has to do them in a way that engages the people. What am I supposed to do? Just sit here and say, ‘Hey guys, don’t eat the Royal Rumble burger because it’s made from factory farm pigs.’ I don’t know if you know anything about pigs, but there a very intelligent social animal. We have two WWE Superstars that have pet pigs: Alexa Bliss and TJ Perkins and their pigs are smarter than our dogs. I have french bulldogs, who are notoriously dumb dogs and their pigs are very very intelligent. You’re telling me, you’re gonna go to their house, you’re gonna take their pigs, do whatever you’re gonna do to the pigs, and these people are gonna eat them?”

On bacon: “Bacon is delicious? Maybe you should read a book called The End of Factory Farming. I encourage everybody to actually read. READ! Don’t just go on your Twitter. Don’t just go on your Facebook. Go out and read a real book, a full book. It’s called The End of Factory Farming and you know what you’re gonna find out? There are 100 billion animals that are farmed in this world every single year. 90% of them are in factory farms where they’re tortured, they’re treated horribly, all that kind of stuff. Do you know what the scientific consensus is? The scientific consensus is that all of them are sentient beings that have the ability to feel real real lasting happiness and extreme pain and sorrow. These pigs that these burgers are made out of are extremely social creatures, who want to be around their families. They’re just like you and I. They’re like our dogs. My dogs slept with me in our bed last night.”

On Henry Cejudo wanting a date with Nikki Bella: “There’s a lot of people who want to think that they’re the best – lots of them, but guess what? Not a single one of those people are Daniel Bryan. There’s a lot of people that go around and they hold championship titles and they think they’re so tough, and they think that they’re this, and they think that they’re that. None of them are Daniel Bryan. Henry Cejudo, a Valley resident, who just defended his UFC championship last Saturday, wants to go out on a date with my sister-in-law. Guess what? Henry Cejudo, you’re not the man that Daniel Bryan is. You fight Daniel Bryan, you go down every time. That’s why I’m the best.”

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