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Road Dogg – ‘To Me, Team Hell No Is What Made Daniel Bryan’



Bryan Danielson’s run in “Team Hell No” is what sold the former Daniel Bryan to Road Dogg.

Speaking on the latest edition of his “Oh You Did Know ….?” podcast, the WWE SVP opined on why he believes the tag team was “great” for Danielson’s career, how it allowed the current AEW wrestler to show more of his comedy side, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On the tag team being great for Danielson’s career: “I believe in my mind as far as that’s what made Daniel Bryan to me, that’s what made him somebody that I love. Other than just this great technical wrestler who can do it as good, if not better than everybody else, like okay that’s cool. But for me, the guy who likes entertainment and juggling chainsaws like, show me something.”

On the team allowing Danielson to show more of his comedy skills: “All of a sudden he opened Pandora’s box of, ‘Come on in, welcome aboard let’s have a blast.’ That’s when for me that’s when he really impressed me. What impresses me now is that he’s still going, and still going hard even after injury after injury, he really loves the game of wrestling… I wish he would love the game of entertainment more.”

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