Daniel Bryan Discusses Who He Hangs Out With Backstage In WWE, His Neck Injury Rehab & More


In an interview with Spinoff,
Daniel Bryan talked about rehabbing his injury and if he would return in a
non-wrestling role. Here are highlights:

On rehabbing his injury: “I literally wake up,
take the dog out, go to physical therapy number one, drive about half an hour to
physical therapy number two, from there I go to my acupuncture and from there to
my ART [Active Release Technique]. And that’s every day. It’s physically and
mentally exhausting, but I’m doing my best to get better so I can come back as
soon as possible.”

On returning in a non-wrestling role: “I don’t
know. I feel like if I can come back to wrestle, then it’s best to just wait
until I can come back to wrestle. Not being around is good for when you come
back — if you’re constantly being seen and that sort of thing. I’d rather just
be off getting better.”

On who he hangs out with on the road: “Yeah. I
like pretty much everybody. Some guys I like because I’ve known them for years,
and some guys I like just because they’re funny, and some guys I like just
because I like giving them crap. And so: Big E. If anybody is [reading] this or
on Twitter, go ask Big E what he thinks about 9/11! [Laughs] Those kind of
things. I really like Ryback, Cesaro and Seth Rollins, too. Heath Slater
entertains me to no end as far as him as a human being. William Regal has been a
mentor of mine for years. Whenever I get to see him, it’s great. Kane. Very
interesting character. We’ve got a lot of fun, cool people backstage.”

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