David Starr vs. CM Punk?, WWE Superstars Pay Tribute to Howard Finkel, and More


David Starr tweeted the following today, promoting the idea of a time machine-enabled wrestling match for himself. He said he’d like to face CM Punk:

Director Andrew Lee posted the following video, showing the complete “2003 Wrestling with the North” documentary.

“Every year for the past 26 years, a courageous team of semi-professional wrestlers goes on what has been called the toughest wrestling tour on Earth. Rookies with stars in their eyes join tough-as-nails veterans like Chi-Chi Cruz, Leatherface, Eric the Lumberjack, and Crash Crimson to pack into a van and head for the far northern reaches of Manitoba. Only accessible in winter by frozen lake roads, these remote First Nations communities get a rare show of live wrestling entertainment, complete with stunners and body slams. Wrestling with the North captures all the pain, glory and determination of these die-hard wrestlers and through the wrestlers’ eyes we glimpse northern aboriginal communities holding fast to their traditions while embracing a pop-culture circus with zeal.*

WWE posted the following video, showing several WWE Superstars paying tribute to the Howard Finkel:

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