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NewsDetails on XFL Closing, Vince McMahon Responds to Oliver Luck

Details on XFL Closing, Vince McMahon Responds to Oliver Luck



We have new details on the events leading to the closing of the XFL. The Sports Business Daily published a report following the days leading into the March 20th cancellation of the XFL Season.

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The spirit and morale was very high on the day of the season cancellation. XFL CEO Oliver Luck’s statement along with XFL President Jeffrey Pollach said they were looking forward to the 2021 season. The employees were feeling very optimistic, but a lack of communication and changes in management was a sign that Vince McMahon was looking to step away entirely.

The decision became official on April 10th, when McMahon made the conference call to all employees. All 400 employees were laid off effective immediately after McMahon filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy. This was a move no one saw coming.

Vince McMahon had a meeting and intended to make potential plans for 2021 and beyond. He was told in advance, including a move for the Tampa Bay Vipers to Orlando. The teams were going to receive templates for club business plans, and schedules were going to be developed with a reasonable budget. Their was a breakdown in communication amid the planning for WrestleMania 36 (ironically), with an all-hands-on-deck meeting that was cancelled for March 27th with no warning or explanation.

A conference call was held on April 8th, as Derek Throneburg (Senior Vice President of Team Business & Operations) said that all 2021 season tickets would be refunded and returned to all customers. This move made the next move pretty much inevitable, as the league representatives refused to give fans answers surrounding next year’s season and beyond. The employees found out they had bigger paychecks than usual delivered to them on the 10th, but they all had assumed they were being furloughed rather than thinking the league was going to shut down entirely.

Vince McMahon issued an official statement through his attorney by the Athletic Sports Business Commission that read:

“Oliver Luck’s services as Commissioner and CEO of The XFL were terminated by a letter sent to him on Apr. 9, 2020 which explained the reasons for the termination. As to the lawsuit he filed, his allegations will be disputed and the position of Mr. McMahon will be set forth in our response to his lawsuit.”

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