Diamond Dallas Page Says Jake Roberts Is “Living His Best Life”


Diamond Dallas Page recently spoke about Jake Roberts’ recovery progress, stating that Roberts had hit rock bottom and was in a bad state when they started working together.

During a recent appearance on the “WrestleRant” podcast, DDP revealed how Roberts has made significant progress in turning his life around and has now been “living his best life” for the past five years, making more money each year and spending more time with his children.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

DDP on Jake Roberts hitting rock bottom: “He was so far gone, it got to a point where I would say to him, ‘Jake, we’ve got to start to try to fix this. When you’re about to say something, I don’t care what it is; say the opposite.’ It was that bad.”

DDP on Jake Roberts’ recovery progress: “If you could have told me that Jake is like — he’s like, eight weeks away from turning 68, and he’s living his best life. It has been, for the last five years. And every year, he’s made more money. Every year he’s had more time with his kids. Every year he takes more time for Jake.”

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