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NewsDirty Dango Reveals The Origin Of Breezango's Fashion Police Gimmick

Dirty Dango Reveals The Origin Of Breezango’s Fashion Police Gimmick



Dirty Dango and Tyler Breeze became popular for their Fashion Police segments in WWE, and Dango revealed the origin of that gimmick on a recent edition of the “Wrestling With Johners” podcast.

Breezango were released from their WWE contracts on June 25, 2021.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On how the Fashion Police began: “I got injured, I hurt my knee, and Breeze and I were like … I remember him calling me or texting me like ‘Dude, if we’re going to get fired, at least let’s say we did absolutely everything we could. We can hang our hats knowing that they can’t say ‘Well, you didn’t pitch us any ideas.” So we just started cutting promos backstage with the boys …The whole Fashion Files thing just started from us doing backstage promos, because we weren’t booked.”

On the gimmick making it to TV: “And then it started getting a little social media traction, and it got into the production meeting that ‘These guys are doing these freaking promos.’ Eventually, it got on to the show. I think we got almost a year run doing the Fashion Files. [So] if you’re not on the show, I guess … a good tip is ‘Instead of complaining on social media, [make the most of it].’ Breeze is very proactive in that aspect. It’s easy to get frustrated and just stew backstage, but I think we kind of knew we were on our way out. And we’re like ‘Well, let’s just have fun.’”

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