Dixie Carter Speaks Out – ‘Dirtsheets’, Gut Check, Lynch


Here is Dixie Carter interview by Dan “The Cannon” for AllWrestling.com. Dixie discusses several topics including whether she has personnel follow the dirt sheets, if TNA has a wellness policy, what happened with Claire Lynch, if there any recent developments as far as going live on Spike TV permanently and more.

• Does she delegate personnel to keep tabs on the IWC’s dirt sheets, new sites, forum boards, and podcasts?

• Is there a wellness policy in TNA?

• Would she ever consider turning heel if the perfect storyline presented itself?

• Has she entertained the thought of partnering with any independent promotions, trading talent, or running an invasion angle?

• Will “Gut-Check” ever produce main event talent?

• Will the BFGS be a perennial mainstay in years to come?

• What does TNA do better than any other promotion and are there any weaknesses in the WWE they could exploit?

• Are there any moves that are banned in TNA?

• What particular moment in TNA history solidified her confidence in her investment?

• How much freedom does the creative team have? Do they run every decision by her for final judgment or do they have the keys to the city?

• Is the long-term goal in TNA to be publicly traded or does she prefer it to be privately owned & operated?

• Would she consider a storyline suggestion box where fans could submit storylines of their own?

• From a social media perspective what’s the next step moving forward?

• Are educated wrestling fans TNA’s key demographic?

• How committed is TNA to their story arc and how long do they plan ahead?

• How much stock does TNA put into the ratings? If they see a low quarter hour rating will you make adjustments on the following show?

• How does she like being involved in an on-screen capacity? Is this something we can expect more often moving forward or will she be used more sparingly?

• What happened to Claire Lynch?

• Are there any recent developments as far as going live on Spike TV permanently?

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