Drake Maverick Comments on Getting a New WWE Contract


El Hijo del Fantasma defeated Drake Maverick to become the new NXT Cruiserweight Champion on Wednesday’s episode of NXT. 

After the match, Triple H offered Maverick a new contract with WWE. Here’s an interview where Maverick gave his thoughts on staying with WWE: 

Mixed emotions. On one hand I’m over the moon. On one hand I’m extremely disappointed I’m not standing here telling you I’m the NXT crusierweight champion like I promised. I don’t think anybody in the space of a couple of months can tell you that felt like they lost everything twice, you know? I just kept holding on because I love this, I’ve always loved this. When I look at people that disrespect it, I look at people that don’t seize opportunities standing before them, like, if you don’t want them I’ll take them. And I took this one.

That’s all it was, again, it was an opportunity. Hey, the 24/7 title was an opportunity, 205 Live general manager was an opportunity. And I took ’em, and I ran with them. I ran with this. And I ran all the way to the finals. I’m disappointed I’m not standing here as the champion now there’ll be another day. And I’m proud of everything I’ve accomplished in the last couple of months. I just want to thank everybody again because without you, there’s no me, without you, there’s no us. This one’s for the dreamers, this is the one for the people that think that one day when they wake up it’s all gone, we’ve all got hope. Just keep holding onto it because it’ll pay off, I promise you. And I’m sorry I haven’t got more words for you but that’s how I’m feeling. Disappointment on one hand. I’m really looking forward to calling my family tonight. That’s what I’ll say.

When asked what he’d tell the Drake Maverick who posted the video after his firing in April, he added: “I’d tell him that it’s going to be okay. I think people looked at me with pity and I think people looked at me with sadness and I didn’t want them to feel that. I don’t want anybody to feel sorry for me cause I’m a grown-ass man and I’ll fight for what I want. And I didn’t want anybody to feel sorry for me. And I feel with this I’ve shown them. I feel with this I’ve shown my family and keep trying to tell them every time, ‘Hey, this is what I want to do. This is how I make my living. This is what I love and nobody is gonna stop me doing it.’ I’d just tell that James it’s gonna be okay and if you know anybody that’s feeling that in your life. Just put your arm around them and tell them it’s gonna be okay. Don’t tell them what they did wrong, don’t tell them what they did right, just tell them it’s gonna be okay. Because it will. Because we’re human beings, man, we’ve just gotta get back to our two feet and keep moving forward. And that’s what we’ve gotta do, man. It can be as cliche as you want it to be but that’s what I’d tell him. It’s gonna be okay. Just wrap an arm around him and tell him it’s gonna be okay.

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