Drew McIntyre Discusses The Taryn Terrell Rumors & WWE


The following are highlights of a Daily Record interview with former WWE
Superstar Drew McIntyre:

On his WWE departure and inevitable return: “I
guess I was annoyed, now I’m just fired up. I have an opportunity to be the
biggest wrestler outside of the WWE and I won’t be happy unless I’m a big brand.
It’s not a case of if I’ll be back with the WWE, it’s a case of when. It was a
shock because I was already booked to continue performing on TV and touring all
over the world.”


On if the problems with his ex-wife Taryn Terrell hurt his
standing with WWE:
“There are always behind-the-scenes politics in
any job. I pride myself on being a nice guy and hope the things that have been
blown way out of proportion didn’t hurt me and my career. A lot of what you hear
and see on the internet is nonsense. A lot of people are really vocal about my
talent – and that’s what’s most important.”

Check out the complete interview at DailyRecord.co.uk.

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