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Drew McIntyre Reveals Who He’d Like To Face At WWE’s Upcoming UK Stadium Show



WWE Superstar Drew McIntyre recently spoke with BT Sports to comment on the recent announcement that WWE will be holding a stadium show in Cardiff, Wales on September 3rd. The event will be held at Principality Stadium.

During the interview, McIntyre mentioned Roman Reigns, Tyson Fury, and Gunther as potential names he’d like to face at the event.

You can check out some highlights and a video from the interview below:

On who he’d pick to face between Roman Reigns, Gunther, and Tyson Fury in Cardiff: “Roman. He’s the Champion. Like, that’s a situation that I’ve been away from the title for a long time. Roman has been so dominant, and he’s been doing the best work of his career. We’re on a collision course. It is five months away. If somehow we could avoid each other for five months, that would be such a big match. Especially on the U.K. soil, I can’t even imagine the atmosphere for that match.”

On a possible matchup with Gunther: “When it comes to Gunther, that’s a match himself and myself have been talking about it for a long time. We’ve never had a big singles match. But for right now, I think it’s a case of let’s educate the world on the big stage. You know, who Gunther, formerly Walter, is. We know what he can do, most of the hardcore wrestling fans know what he can do, but let’s just get, you know, the general public familiar with him, see what he’s capable of. See how physical he is, and make them, ‘Oh man, imagine what Drew and Gunther can do together.’”

On his past issues with Tyson Fury: “And Fury: He’s the one I’ve been talking the most about. He’s the one we’ve been going back and forth, taking digs at each other for the past — I think it’s been over two years now, Fury and I. That’s the one where I’ve said over and over, like if it takes a little something outside the box that will draw the attention, not just of the WWE fans and of the wrestling fans, but of the general public. Like I can’t think of anything bigger, WWE and sports-related, Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury. And I know, just being around the man, watching the man, who has been involved in the WWE, how much he enjoys the product. He’s got passion for WWE and clearly entertainment as well. We could do some fun stuff, so if it ends up Drew vs. Fury, I’m good with that as well. But of course, I’ve got to pick the title [with Reigns] in the UK and in a main event.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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