Edge Says He Was Surprised At WWE HOF Induction


Edge recently spoke to MiamiNewTimes.com about his Hall of Fame induction, the odds on him becoming a manager and more. Check out the highlights:

On if he was surprised about going into Hall of Fame so early: “Yeah, I was. I won’t lie, I assumed it would happen at some point. But I figured it would be 10 years down the road when I’ve got a nice big belly on me and a massive beard or something, when I look like Brian Wilson. I didn’t expect it now. But obviously I’m happy and honored and it’s still a little surreal to me. I think it will probably all kick in when I actually walk out to say my speech. But it shocked me a little bit. When they first asked me I was like, ‘This year? Really? Cool. Alright, let’s do it.'”

On becoming a manager: “I loved “Classie” Freddie Blassie, “Captain” Lou Albano, and Bobby Heenan. They were wrestlers who were able to translate that into being managers. But I just don’t picture myself doing that, or even being able to. It would be awesome to get into some kind of crazy pink lamé suit and go out there with some velvet pants on or something and try to pull off some cheesy, yet awesome, mid-’80s Grand Wizard style, but that would involve me being on the road. I’d rather be a manager from the sidelines at home. I’ve always been close with Dolph Ziggler and I’ve really enjoyed his work. He’ll call me and ask me stuff, and I’m happy to tell him what I think. I was tired of the road, so I can maybe see doing something like that more than being on the road again.”

On being an on-air mentor: “I can see myself doing something more in a backstage capacity, and maybe going out and searching for talent. That wouldn’t involve too much traveling or anything like that. Like, maybe going to an independent show and seeing if there’s anybody that’s got it once a month. That I can see doing, because then I’m just sitting and watching shows and helping guys who really want it.”

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