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Eric Bischoff Reacts To Juice Robinson’s Controversial Promo On MJF



On a recent edition of his “Strictly Business” podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed Juice Robinson’s controversial promo on AEW Dynamite where the Bullet Club Gold member said that he had a roll of quarters with MJF’s name on it.

The timing of Robinson’s promo couldn’t have been worse, especially with the ongoing Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On MJF’s response to the AEW Dynamite angle: “Yeah. I’m going to make a couple of disclaimers here. Number one. I think very highly of MJF. I don’t know him as a person, but the limited time I’ve spent with him in person and the interactions I continue to have with him, direct mail or texts, I think very highly of him. MJF, I think the world of him as a talent. I don’t know him well enough as a person, but I think of him as a talent. We’re just seeing the surface or the tip of the iceberg of what MJF can be as a talent. I love watching him. I love listening to his promos. I love the fact that he embraces heat. There are so many things that I really, truly respect and admire about MJF as a professional.

“But MJF is young. MJF has never been in the television business. And while I understand and I read this — I read what MJF posted, and I encourage everybody to do so because it’s his perspective. But there’s judgment involved. And I think about the judgment, to showcase that angle. While what is going on, which is unprecedented by the way, we’ve never seen, in real-time, images — I’m not even going to mention them here, we all know what they are. This has never happened. And the judgment to use antisemitism as the premise for a story under these circumstances reflects a lack of judgment, both on MJF’s part [but] more importantly, on Tony Khan’s part.”

On the issues with the angle: “I cannot — it’s part of the reason I’m half pissed off. You know what, I should be kind of celebrating in a way. Not because NXT won and AEW lost, I really am not invested in that. I am invested in business of the wrestling business, I feel like I have a perspective on it, and the perspective that I had manifested as closely as it did to my prediction? Sure, that’s fun, it feels good. But I’m genuinely disappointed and angry. And I think disappointed is a better word, I’m not angry. But the lack of judgment on Tony Khan’s part. Because he’s the boss, it’s his sandbox, it’s his sand. It’s his toys in the sandbox. And he’s the head of creative, the president, the chairman of the board, whatever the f**k he is. To allow that while in real-time, images that are as barbaric as anything I could have ever imagined seeing on television. And then use that? Antisemitism is a premise for an angle?

“And look; MJF, I get it, man. And if you want to talk, I — probably won’t want to talk after listening to this but. Just the judgment is wrong. I get the motivation, I understand. I think I understand. I can’t possibly understand it because I didn’t live through it. But I understand and can relate to the intent. But intentions aren’t enough. Judgment has to factor in. And I’m shocked. And if there’s a network executive at Warner Brothers Discovery whose job it is to oversee AEW, who allowed that to happen. Whew. I’m out. I have no interest in the product. It’s just; I don’t get it. I really don’t get it.”

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