**EXCLUSIVE** Photo Credit: MOVI Inc. Date: February 10th 2017 Former WWE Diva Ariane Andrew, who wrestled under the name Cameron, shows off her flawless figure in a barely there neon pink bikini during a photo shoot on the beach in Santa Monica,CA.

Ex-WWE Superstar Cameron – ‘It’s A Touchy Conversation With What Tyrus Is Doing Lately’


Ariane Andrew (Cameron in WWE) was a recent guest on “The Ten Count” podcast to discuss her thoughts on Tyrus’ recent retirement from in-ring competition.

For those unaware, Tyrus announced his retirement after losing the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship to EC3 at NWA 75. Andrew said,


“Yeah, I feel like that’s a touchy conversation in general with things that have been going around with Tyrus lately. I’m not quite sure how old he is, but I know it’s been some time since we were doing the Funkadactyls and the Funkasaurus thing. I feel like there comes a time, especially — don’t get me wrong. I feel like in the wrestling community, they say stuck in time, it’s like you can never progress. I’ll be in my grave and they’ll be like, ‘Hey girl, when are you returning to the ring?’ It’s like, I am no longer on this earth anymore.”

She continued, “I do think there comes a time when it’s time to hang up the boots. I feel like he’s doing really good with what he’s doing with Fox, but I always say never say never because people who you think retire, always end up somehow, some form, some fashion, back in the ring, you know? Even if they’re like 90, it’s like, I’m back. It always comes back full circle. History is always repeating itself so even when people say I’m retired, I’m like, are you really? It’s something about wrestling, I think people get so caught up with who a character is, the fame, being in front of millions of people through social media and television, having that glory and you’re doing what you love? I think it’s really hard for a lot of people to just completely walk away from it because if you think about any athlete, any entertainer, any actress, any of these people. Even when they retire, they say they feel this emptiness because it’s like that’s what your life is and that’s what you feed off and that’s what gets you up in the morning and there is something about that dopamine when you’re out in front of a huge crowd that is cheering or booing or whatever, it’s like a high. So I think it’s very hard a lot of times for people to walk away completely. Even if he’s not wrestling, in some form or fashion I feel like he’ll end up doing something in that world.”

The Butcher was a recent guest on the “NotSam Wrestling” podcast to discuss the original creative idea and vision for his tag team with The Blade in AEW. He said,

“I think it was just a matter of laying down some creative, understanding what we could do to take ourselves and — I’m a weird person, I will look at everything and go like, oh, this isn’t happening. If this isn’t happening, how can I fill that void? On the independent scene at that time, there were some big guys. There were tag teams that were bigger dudes, but they weren’t scary looking guys, there was no road warrior. I was like, if we create some sort of road warrior situation, we can take that avenue and expand on it.”

He continued, “The best part about the Road Warriors is that they never gave you too much, they were just dumb guys that beat people up. When I kind of explained the characters to [The Blade], I said let’s do Road Warriors, but let’s throw this weird 90’s action spin on it where we’re the cool guys in every action movie that lose in the end. If you understand that, you’re always going to be a monster, you’re always going to be used. It’s just like, I don’t know, I think I took more of an analytical way of looking at an approach and I think that’s from music too.”

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