Ex-WWE Talent Joins ROH, Magnus To Host U.K Reality Show


— Dixie Carter announced today that Magnus will co-host the “U.K.’s Strongest Man” TV show. Dixie tweeted the following: “Was excited to secure Magnus as co-host of the UK’s Strongest Man for @ChallengeTV! Looking forward to more exciting things in his future!”

— Tommy Fierro, who is a longtime wrestling promoter and worked for WWE briefly for their WWE Network will be helping ROH set up fundraisers at their live events starting with their 10/6 show in Rahway, NJ. If you’re a non-profit group in the NJ area and are looking to learn more about getting involved, you can contact Tommy Fierro at [email protected]

Ring of Honor issued the following press release Thursday regarding help with fundraising:


Ring of Honor Wrestling Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, is looking to partner with Non-profit organizations in the New Jersey area in anticipation of our huge live event coming to the Rahway Recreational Center in Rahway, NJ on 10/6.

For those unfamiliar, Ring of Honor Wrestling is a professional wrestling company based out of the greater Baltimore area, that has been in operation for over ten years. In that time, ROH has toured the United States, Canada, Japan, and the UK, drawn hundreds of thousands of fans to our live events over the years, been seen on television on both HDNet and currently on SBG-owned stations across the country, and broadcast on both traditional pay-per-view as well as trailblazed the field of internet PPV broadcasting.

We are looking for local youth groups, sports teams, and other non-profit organizations in the NJ area who are looking to fundraise for their respective groups. If you are interested in working with Ring of Honor to help out your group, and would like to learn more about how we can make this possible, please contact Tommy Fierro either via e-mail [email protected] or calling (201) 757-7686.

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