Ex-WWE Writer On Vince Russo – ‘Some Of His Storylines Aggravated Me’


Keith Elliott Greenberg and Vince Russo worked with each other back in the day, especially during the time when the now-defunct WWF Magazine was going strong.

Speaking on a recent “AdFreeShows” podcast, Greenberg commented on his friendship with the former WCW booker, Russo’s time in WWE, and more.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his friendship with Russo: “I like him as a friend and as a human being. Did I approve of all the storylines he conceived? Absolutely not. Did some of them aggravate me? Did some of them offend me in some ways? Yeah, maybe. But he’s a good man.”

On Russo’s time in WWE: “[His ascent] was incredible, and he would talk about,’I have these ideas, and this is what they should be doing, and I spoke to Bruce Prichard about this, then I got alone with Vince and I pitched Vince on this.’ He’s being a passionate fan, and he’s an employee who’s showing some initiative, and very quickly he’s booking. Maybe it’s a testament to how intimate WWE was at the time, that you could work your way in like that, I’m not sure.”

On Russo’s confidence in WWE: “He was 100% convinced that he had the capability of benefitting the business. And for a period, at least, Vince McMahon bought into that.”

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