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NewsEzekiel Doesn't Resent His "Brother" For Not Talking About Him

Ezekiel Doesn’t Resent His “Brother” For Not Talking About Him



During a recent appearance on the “Rasslin’ with Brandon F. Walker” podcast, WWE Superstar Ezekiel (Elias) commented on not resenting his “brother” for not talking about him, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On not resenting his “brother” for not talking about him: “This is an interesting thing, man. I’ve been wanting to be a wrestler, you know, my whole life, and people ask me, ‘Oh, why didn’t Elias ever talk about you?’ To that I just say, is Kevin Owens talking about his mom? Is Sami Zayn talking about his wife? The people they get out there on WWE on television, they do their thing. It’s not really always about the family. So, I don’t hold any like resentment towards Elias about that.”

On playing the piano: “I see what you’re doing here. Now. Listen, guitar, that was my brother’s thing. Okay, now, yes, the musical gene has run through the family, all of us, my dad, my mom. I mean, the whole crew. But you know, I’m more of a piano guy. That’s my thing. I love to play piano.”

On his brother: “I love my brother, you know, but we all have our faults, right? We all have our areas where we missed the mark a little bit. Honestly, my brother would say some things that I did not agree with. Okay. I happen to be very grateful for any Ezekiel fan that is out there. So I just want to express my gratitude, and the cities I’ve got to see so far with all the traveling for the past month or so have just been beautiful. Everyone has treated me well. So, until proven otherwise, I got no reason to see things the way Elias saw things.”

(h/t – Fightful)

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