Fandango-Y2J Feud Continues?, Sid Vicious Praises Swagger


Thanks to Ranjit Chahal for his help with some of the following newsbits:

— Also on Monday Night RAW, Fandango cut a promo. It wasn’t anything special like what most people had been hoping for. In an update on this, it appears that WWE is stalling on Fandango because Chris Jericho is currently in Europe for a tour with his band Fozzy. The former undisputed champion is expected to be featured in a segment with Fandango in London on RAW tomorrow night.

— Sid Vicious has become one of the most well known wrestling analysts on Twitter. While watching Monday Night RAW last week, the former WWE Heavyweight Champion tweeted a comment about Jack Swagger. While he does praise the “All American American” and notes that he has unlimited potential, Vicious also questions whether or not he appreciates the opportunity provided to him by WWE. Sid tweeted:

“@RealJackSwagger Legit amateur background with unlimited potential. Just not sure if he appreciates the opportunities he’s been afforded.”

— After Brock Lesnar attacked 3MB on Monday Night RAW last week, a little buzz was created by fans online. WWE wisely released a new video where they show Lesnar demolishing wrestlers while his entrance music plays. You can view it below:

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