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NewsFlash Morgan Webster Reflects On His WWE RAW Debut Against The Viking...

Flash Morgan Webster Reflects On His WWE RAW Debut Against The Viking Raiders



Flash Morgan Webster and Mark Andrews made their WWE RAW debut against The Viking Raiders in 2019, and Webster recently recalled that experience in an interview with Fightful.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how they found out about the match: “We had that great match where we became the first Welsh champions in WWE history and then had a great little bit of fun there once we lost the belts. I’m literally getting into bed. Mark’s been down in Brighton, I think, recording for his podcast, My Love Letter to Wrestling. Literally, I get into bed, and usually at about 9/10 o’clock and I put my phone on silent. If I see it buzzing, obviously, I just leave it,” he began. “It was on the side and for some reason that night I literally look over and there’s a message and it says, ‘Are you awake?’ It’s someone from WWE. I replied, ‘Yes, I am.’ So they ring me. They go, ‘Oh, can you be in Manchester tomorrow for 11 o’clock in the morning?’ I’m like, ‘Yeah, I can be. Why, what’s up?’ ‘You’re gonna make your RAW debut.’ I’m real calm like, ‘Yeah, cool, yeah. No problem, no problem. Cool. I’ll go pack my stuff. Mark being told?’ ‘Yeah, yeah.’ ‘No problem.’

“Put the phone down, I’m talking like ten second afterwards, Mark rings me. ‘You get the call?’ ‘Yeah, I got the call.’ He was like, ‘Cool. I’m packing my stuff right now.’ Mark was more frustrated that he had been with RAW team for the last couple of days, had all his stuff. They had gone up the country. Mark had got on a train and gone all the way across the country and then was being told he had to go back up the country. He was more annoyed that if they had just told him two hours earlier, he could have literally just gotten on the coach with them and came up. So he was trying to figure out how he could get there for 11 o’clock in the morning. So he had to come up here to meet me, I had to go across to the train station and then drive up together.”

On facing The Viking Raiders: “Literally we got told the night before that we were gonna be on Monday Night RAW. We didn’t even know what the match was. We kind of heard rumblings it might have been against the Viking Raiders, two guys that we knew from the indies as well. Which was absolutely great. Always had a lot of time for them guys. That’s another great thing about the relationships. I think if we had just been two guys that were just local lads and the Viking Raiders didn’t know who we were, I think it very much could have been them going, ‘Okay, you’re gonna come in and you’re just gonna get squashed.’ It could have happened. That was their job. Their job, obviously, you come in, would look strong, you’re the champions. But I think because they knew us, and because they’re such giving guys, they gave us too much if I’m being totally honest.”

On the overall experience: “I know there were some looks when they were backstage. There was a little bit like, ‘You guys maybe gave them too much,’ and I think they knew they did that as well. But they’re such good guys. I think they were always going to try to make us look as good as possible because they knew how much it meant to us and also knew if we did well, maybe it could lead to something else. They’re so giving. Yeah, we found out the night before and it was a great experience as well. Especially being with them guys and them guys being so, so giving and so willing to put us over as much as they could.”

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