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NewsFormer NXT Announcer Rich Brennan Speculates On WWE's Plans For The Universal...

Former NXT Announcer Rich Brennan Speculates On WWE’s Plans For The Universal Championship



Former NXT & SmackDown commentator Rich Brennan joined the WrestleZone Daily podcast today with Nick Hausman and discussed Brock Lesnar possibly heading to UFC & if he decides to do-so, what will WWE do with their Universal Title.

Here are the highlights of what was discussed:

Jon Jones Calling Out Brock Lesnar:

Brennan: “I am looking more big picture; is this the beginning of a major play for WME-IMG? It’s been talked about and you know, they’ve made overtures towards buying WWE before. At least it’s been talked about. I wonder if this is the beginning of that. We have heard that it’s a possibility that Vince wants to divest, that’s been talked about. It makes me think.”

Plans For The Universal Title:

Brennan: “I go back to 4-5 years ago to “The Summer of Punk.” There was this talk that he was leaving and then he wound up winning the title. There was the question kind of built into the storyline where he took off and you wondered if he was going to show up in Ring of Honor or somewhere else with the WWE title. To me it adds a little bit of intrigue to this. Imagine with Brock that his contract ends and, kayfabe, he’s out of a contract but he’s still the champion and you build that into the storyline, who knows what they windup doing with UFC? Maybe there is a tie-in with that. I feel like it all ties together in a way and if there is this bigger scheme maybe it does tie-in to SummerSlam or a future show. The idea that; “Oh, he’s leaving, let’s take the title off of him”, that seems like the obvious thing. They’ve surprised us before. I go back to that whole thing with Punk a couple years ago and that was probably one of the better things they’ve done in the past 4-5 years.”

Nick Hausman: “You’re saying they could double down and instead of taking the belt off of him, they could keep the belt on him? Why not have Brock Lesnar enter a UFC octagon wearing the WWE Universal Championship?”

Brennan: “Right”


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