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Former WWE Director Of Technology Shares Stories Of Working For Vince McMahon


Former WWE Senior Director of Editing, Technical Director, and Director and VP of TV Technology for WWE, Kevin Quinn, recently took part in a Reddit AMA on the Squared Circle subreddit. 

He was recently let go by WWE after working for the company for 35 years. Here are some of the highlights about working with Vince McMahon. 

Quinn on Kevin Dunn: “I’ve known him longer than I’ve known my own wife. If you can figure him out you can work well with him and he appreciates you. He knows what the fans want and if a crew member screws up what he’s trying to get across … God bless them.”

On working with Vince McMahon: “Vince invited me and my wife to both of his kids’ weddings. He loves the people that help him take care of the company. He’s very personable behind the scenes. But business is business. Vince has his say in every aspect of the productions. You made the project then it had to be ok’d by him.”

Quinn on a time where McMahon was most angry at him: “During a WrestleMania press conference he wanted more crowd shots. I had to tell him we only had 2 cameras and the press people weren’t reacting the way he’d want to see. It was lose – lose.”

Quinn on working with Stephanie McMahon: “Stephanie was a dream to work with. She’d tell you what she wants, you tell her what you have to make it work and she’s thrilled with it.”

On the most difficult technology change to work with in WWE: “Some people would think that the transition from standard def to high def would have been the biggest challenge. But going from mono audio to stereo was a huge challenge.”

Quinn on having to deal with editing out Jerry Lawler from hours of programming: “Jerry Lawler was accused of statutory rape and we had already shot 3 hours of program. We had to remove him from every show already shot. It took 2 over-nights.”

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